The Guild of Mace-Bearers 
The organisation for those who assist the Civic Heads of our Nation to carry out their ceremonial duties.


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 So you think you know your protocol?

Q1.    What is the correct way to address a group comprising more than one Lord Lieutenant?

My Lord Lieutenants     My Lords Lieutenant     My Lords Lieutenants

Q2.    The place in modern precedence for the High Sheriff to rank second after the Lord Lieutenant was established by Royal Warrant in;

1887     1904     1974

Q3.   A High Sheriff may be many things, but what may they not be;

A Peer of the Realm     An Officer of the Post Office     A Practicing Solicitor    

Any of the above

Q4.    Nominations for the office of High Sheriff are made through;

The Lord Lieutenant      The existing High Sheriff     The presiding Circuit Judge

Q5.   Invitations to a Royal Garden Party are sent out at the command of the Queen by;

The Lord Chamberlain     The Lord Steward of the Household

The Master of the Household

Q6.   What title is used socially by the widow of a Duke when the Dukedom passes to her married son?

The Dowager Duchess of Blankshire     Mary, Duchess of Blankshire

The Duchess of Blankshire     The Dowager Mary Blankshire

Q7.      Place these peers in order of precedence

Marquess, Duke, Earl, Baron, Viscount

Duke, Earl, Marquess, Baron, Viscount

Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, Baron

Baron, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, Duke

Q8.      Prior to the death of George VI, the Princess Elizabeth (our current Sovereign) was;

The Heir Apparent     The Heir Presumptive     The Heir Assumptive

Quiz compiled from information contained in "Debrett's Peerage"


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